Janitorial Services

Increase your Business productivity by providing a healthy and comfortable space for your staff. 

Cleaning Angels Janitorial Services’ priority is maintaining a clean space in your business for your staff to operate and succeed. 

Proven Excellence and Experience

Cleaning Angels Quality Standards found its roots in Germany 28 years ago, bringing that level of quality control to the Okanagan Valley for over 23 years enabling long-lasting business-to-business relationships.

Proudly providing Janitorial Services and partnering with Local, Regional, and Nationwide organizations and businesses such as:

Interior Health – Creekside Pub – Alpha Dental Center – Dockside Marine – Lakesider Brewery – Willowstone Academy – Peak Investments – Bumper to Bumper – Okanagan Christian School – Cintas

Frequently Asked Questions

A service that will take care of everyday cleaning duties and keep your workspace clean and well-maintained on a regular basis.
Working in a clean environment will help to increase your Business productivity by providing a healthy and comfortable space for your staff.
The scope of our Janitorial Service will vary depending on the industry of your business. We always suggest including your daily cleaning tasks such as carpet vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning and sanitizing high-contact surfaces, garbage removal, dusting furniture and lights, washroom cleaning, and restocking supplies.
Our experienced team members will propose an ideal schedule for your Janitorial Service based on your budget and needs, typically on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis.
  1. Book Your Service with us: Tel 250 808 7810 / info@cleaningangels.ca
  2. Our team completes your service with a professional and detailed process
  3. Enjoy your clean, sanitized, and comfortable space

A great place to work

Cleaning Angels understands the association between Employee Satisfaction and Talent Retention. With an inclusive, proactive, and productive Company Culture, our commitment is to provide a Great Place to Work, where our team members can feel appreciated, learn, and experience an enjoyable culture that meets their individual workplace needs.

Professional, Reliable, and Fully Insured

Top Quality

High-Quality Service Guaranteed

Cleaning Angels performs a post-service follow-up procedure conducted by our Administrative Department to collect all the information that ensures our team has accomplished the quality standards offered.

Customized Service

Customized For Any Property

Cleaning Angels adapts its Janitorial Services to fit any customer’s needs. No matter the size or type of industry of your business, Cleaning Angels can handle all your Commercial Cleaning needs!

Professional & Effective

24/7 Customer Service

Cleaning Angels has professional, attentive, and effective customer service that is available to attend to all our customer’s needs and provide proactive solutions.

Trust us to Serve You

Professional, Reliable, Fully Insured

We regard the security of our business partners and our team with the highest degree of importance. Rest assured that your business is safe and maintains a professional image when receiving Janitorial Services from Cleaning Angels. All our employees are covered by our workers’ compensation, liability, and bond insurance packages.

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An All- in-One-Company for all your Commercial Cleaning needs
Cleaning Angels customers enjoy upgrading their Janitorial Services with our diverse options of Commercial Cleaning Services such as Window Cleaning, Power Washing or Floor/Carpet Cleaning. We celebrate keeping our customer’s property value by partnering with them as their All- in-One-Company to achieve each of their Commercial Cleaning needs.